Level Up Your Real Estate Investment Capacities With Us

We begin with a message of genuine transparency and friendship, empowered by our commitment to excellence, which is fueled by absolute love for what we do. This is fundamental for the Jet Estates & Trust Group Inc. family and its culture. 

Where forming real estate investment partnerships and cultivating long-term relationships with our investors is the central service of success.

At JETGINC, we focus on strategic multifamily investments that provide passive income without the hassle of management. In simpler terms: invest, stay informed, and receive lucrative returns while experts do the legwork.

Who We Are

Jet Estates & Trust Group Inc. is a privately held investment company that specializes in the acquisition and management of multifamily properties. Our focal point is on value-add opportunities with key economic factors that produce preferred returns for investors. As a quality first yet coefficient team, we believe in honest business negotiations where all parties involved win.

The JETGINC Difference Maker:

Within the focal point of income-producing real estate investments, there are needs we seek to meet and improve — from investors receiving their returns through distributions, to the property's agreed-upon improvements for the benefit of residents where they experience enhanced services and care through the development of our system.

We acquire, care for, uphold, force value, and set the standard in the communities entrusted to us. This is the difference maker for us. This is the mission for every valued partner, client and property.